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Covering a song takes alot of guts. You have to make sure you’re gonna absolutely nail it or the internet will be full of people criticising you for destroying their favourite song. Thankfully, some bands are able to pull it off spectacularly and we’ve chosen five that we absolutely love.


‘Everywhere’ by Michelle Branch is an absolute stormer of a song but Yellowcard were able to turn it up a notch and make it one of their own in the only way they can. They are absolute geniuses and it’s still amazing, even after all these years, how perfectly a violin works in a punk rock band.

Silverstein – Apologize

INCREDIBLE. This cover still completely blows me away even after the millionth listen. OneRepublic’s version (with a little help from Timbaland. Remember him?) is a classic and propelled them on their way to stardom. Silverstein have taken this, added in some screamo, and completely nailed it!

Tonight Alive – Little Lion Man

The song that made everyone outside of Australia sit up and take notice of Tonight Alive. This was definitely the benchmark for TA’s success outwith Aussie land. Very rarely do you get a cover that is better than the original but i’m sticking my neck out on the line here and saying this most definitely is. Sorry, Mumford & Sons, but Tonight Alive nailed your own song better than you did.

Ice Nine Kills – Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)

Right, hands up who saw this on the tracklist for Punk Goes 90’s and screwed up their face in a “you shouldn’t be touching that song” look? I know you did. With great uncertainty, I played this track and was mind blown. I went from fear to admiration in 3 minutes and 3 seconds as Ice Nine Kills got this cover completely spot on. They’ve stuck to it’s roots while cranking it up and making it their own.

We Came As Romans – I Knew You Were Trouble

As I took a sharp intake and muttered “bloody Taylor Swift” I played this track and We Came As Romans made me forget that this was actually a Taylor Swift song! They managed to make Taylor Swift listenable and completely stormed, for want of a better word, all over the original. They’ve taken it , ripped it apart and created this absolute masterpiece of a cover. Well done!

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