SAYWECANFLY talks the upcoming tour, keeping himself centred & advice to people starting out on their musical journey


IMG_1182Ahead of his Storyteller Unplugged Tour, we caught up with the lovely Braden Barrie to talk about all things SAYWECANFLY…

First off, for anyone who doesn’t know what SAYWECANFLY is all about,
describe it in three words..

Here’s my life.

Congratulations on announcing your Storyteller Unplugged tour! We
can’t wait to have you back in Scotland. Without giving too much away,
tell us a little about what we can expect on this run? And why should
people come down to a show?

I’m really excited about this tour for a few reasons. My main goal with
these shows is bringing a super intimate experience to every city. I
want it to feel more like a hangout than just a show. I’m looking
forward to the part where I come down from the stage and just sit in
front of everyone on a stool with only my acoustic guitar. And I’m
playing a longer set than usual.

The last time you were over in the UK, you played your first set of
shows with a full band – how was that experience compared to what you
are used to as a soloist?

I love those dudes. They are incredible people and musicians. But
SayWeCanFly isn’t a full band project – it’s just not. It was a great
experience and we made so many great memories, but I’m meant to do this

After releasing your second full length record ‘Blessed Are Those’
last year, it was met with a pretty positive response overall – you
stepped outside of your comfort zone and took some risks, which paid
off. How much of a challenge is it to strike the balance between
creating something familiar which you know your fans will love vs
something different which allows you to experiment and grow

I think that thought process can be super dangerous when it comes to
creating… I definitely struggled with it a lot last year. However, I
don’t really let myself think about it anymore. I think the whole point
of creating is to physically manifest the things you are feeling, and
those things will change as our lives do. I was feeling very lost and
the album reflected that, and now I’m feeling grounded so the songs I’m
making reflect that. I think it’ll always be SayWeCanFly whether it has a
string quartet or a dance kick.

You have a very impressive social media following; 210k twitter
followers, 186k YouTube subscribers and over half a million likes on
Facebook!…when you first picked up a guitar and started making music,
did you ever imagine that SAYWECANFLY would reach so many people?

Honestly, no. It was never my goal to reach anyone and I think that
might be why I did. If I had focused on that I don’t believe I would
have written real songs that connected to those kids. I am so thankful
for every single person who listens to my music and that I have been
given the opportunity to do what I do.

If there’s one thing people will say about SAYWECANFLY, it’s that your
music & lyrics are so relatable…how does it feel when you meet fans
who are compelled to share their stories with you as a result of this?

It’s still something I don’t know if I will ever be able to wrap my head
around. Mainly because so many of those kids really don’t know how to
express their feelings throughout their daily lives and for some reason
they trust me enough to do it. It’s an honour and those conversations
are the most important part of playing music for me. It’s a two way
street though – it always helps being reminded that other people feel
what I feel too.

There must be a degree of responsibility that comes with that level of
connectedness…how do you deal with that?

There totally is. I think the hardest part is knowing that even if I’m
feeling completely off balance, I have to bury that and just be there
for everyone. Those kids getting what they need from a show or meeting
me has to be more important than how I feel in those moments. It’s just
kind of something you accept when taking this lifestyle on. I have to
make sure I keep myself centered though, I’ve felt what happens if I
don’t. I need to be able to give and receive all of those heavy

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone who is just starting out
on their own journey in the music industry?

Every industry whether it’s music or not functions the same. You need to
know exactly what you want, and act as if you already have it. That
means you work everyday and always imagine yourself achieving your
goals. There are no excuses because you need to be the best at what you
do. We all have days when things feel impossible but you need to
remember that if someone else has achieved it before, it IS humanly
possible. I believe all of us possess equal power. You become what you
think about most.

Catch SAYWECANFLY on the following dates next month, on the Storyteller Unplugged Tour;

caddad2e-b0b7-42b6-a59a-a3d151b2379e-21st May Satan’s Hollow, Manchester
2nd May G2, Glasgow
3rd May Academy III, Birmingham
4th May  Exchange, Bristol
5th May Boston Music Room, London
7th May Dynamo Basement, Eindhoven
9th May Underground 2, Cologne
10th May Kleiner Donner, Hamburg
11th May Privateclub, Berlin

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