ICYMI – STATE CHAMPS have announced a deluxe DVD edition of ‘Around The World And Back’


State Champs have announced the release of a deluxe DVD edition of their latest album ‘Around The World and Back’, out the 5th May via Pure Noise Records.

You can see video for new song ‘Slow Burn’ taken off the deluxe edition below:

The deluxe version of ‘Around The World and Back’ will include six additional tracks, including ‘Slow Burn’ and another brand new song. The DVD was recorded by Elliott Ingham across the world in 2015 and 2016 while the band was on tour. Pre-order for the deluxe DVD edition is now available here.

“The deluxe edition of Around The World and Back is very exciting for us,” said vocalist Derek DiScanio. “We spent all of 2016 filming for the DVD that comes with it. We’re so proud of how it turned out and the hard work Elliott Ingham put into directing, editing, and putting up with us all of last year. Can’t wait for everyone to be able to go behind the scenes of the best times of our lives as a band. Both new bonus tracks were written with Mike Green and our friend Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low. It was our first time collaborating with other people in a writing process and we had a lot of fun with it.”

Watch the DVD trailer below:

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