JACK THE ENVIOUS announce new single ‘Guilty’


Ahead of the release of their second EP ‘In Your Own Way’ on the 14th of July, London based post hardcore act Jack The Envious have announced they will be releasing new single ‘Guilty’ on the 16th of June.

Speaking of the release, the band said “On this track, we get more political than we have before. The influence of the song strongly comes from our background. Back home, such subjects revolved around us on a daily basis. Yet it’s all over the world that people with power use it, some for good, some for bad.
We got to a certain point where there are so many problems, and no one takes the responsibility, leaving everything in the air. We aren’t judging, but we just wanted to say what we saw, and make a statement that we’re not a part of it. You can take a listen and draw your own conclusion.”

Check out the teaser for ‘Guilty’ here:

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