LIVE REVIEW: Deftones – SEC Glasgow, 7th May 2017


After releasing their eighth studio album ‘Gore’ last year, Californian heavyweights Deftones returned to UK arenas last week and boy did they put on a show!

Opening up the night, AFI were an odd choice as main support, but were out to prove they should be there. Playing some songs off their recent self titled release plus older hits like ‘The Days of the Phoenix’ and ‘Girl’s not Grey’, they put on an energetic performance with frontman Davey Havok leaping around the stage and climbing on top of amp stacks to get the crowd singing back to him. Closing off with ‘Miss Murder’ and an echo of “woah-oh” around the room, it was a solid set and worth getting down early to witness.

DSC_0375After a gradual build up of intensity in the music played over the speakers, the lights eventually dimmed and Deftones took the stage. Deciding to leave the backdrop at home, their stage consisted of a brilliant lighting set up that complemented the music perfectly. Opening tracks ‘Feiticeira’ and ‘My Own Summer (Shove It)’ were explosive got the crowd hyped. Although billed as the tour cycle for their album ‘Gore’, this was more like a celebration of their back catalogue. Knocking out hits such as ‘Be Quiet and Drive’ and ‘Change’ to more recent single ‘Phantom Bride’ (the only track played off their latest album), they made sure to touch upon every era of the band. Personal highlight was the one-two punch of ‘Diamond Eyes’ into ‘Rocket Skates’ which sounded menacing and absolutely brutal with Steph Carpenter’s fantastic guitar tone.



Frontman Chino Moreno was a little more subdued in his movement during the set due to injuring his foot at Groezrock Festival, but this did not detract from a stellar vocal performance. From the tender singing on ‘Entombed’ through to the rapping nu-metal style on the likes of ‘Back to School’ he proves just how diverse and unique his voice is.



DSC_0412Deftones are not defined by one or two members though. This band delivers the whole package and then some. If they don’t start headlining festivals more frequently in the next couple of years I’ll eat my hat.

Words and photos by Chris Young. All photos copyright of Chris Young/CWY Photography. Full gallery available here:

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