Release Day Review: Chasing Cadence – Destroy Something Beautiful (EP)


26dae035-e8fd-455c-8261-db27125499f0Chasing Cadence have released Destroy Something Beautiful today…and it’s a cracker!

The alternative-rock outfit hailing from Hertfordshire, England have really pulled out all stops – this 5 track EP hits hard both musically and lyrically, is really well produced and comes as a result of the time and energy these guys have poured into establishing their sound.

The opener, “It’s Not The Length That Counts, It’s What You Do With It” combines some heavy riffage and good use of the track’s time signature in the verses with a huge soaring chorus that really showcases vocalist Jack Harris’ range. At just under 2 minutes long, the song packs a punch and lives up to its’ title.

Next up is “Harbour” with its’ catchy melody and some impressive guitar playing from Rob Barlow and Tom Weeks – both compliment each other really well. What I like most about this one is the gorgeous vocal harmonies…well done lads. Contender for favourite track, this one.

“Watching The World” is a great headbanger. The heavy riffs in the verses flow seamlessly into the chorus, which yet again shows off Jack’s vocal ability. The middle section builds really well and is left on a bit of a cliffhanger followed by a couple of synthy pulses before the last chorus explodes in, led by the drums. It has to be said that Alfie Powell has done a sterling job behind the kit throughout the whole EP – the drums are mighty.

The penultimate track, “Everyone Relax” starts slow and steady with some light, clean guitar over the vocals and is followed by what sounds like a sample pad or electric drum kit which I think adds a different feel and shows the group’s willingness to experiment. In contrast the chorus is massive and every instrument can easily be picked out in terms of what it’s bringing to the party. Particularly prominent in this song is the bassline, played out by Dan Seager with an enormous amount of clout – the kind that makes you want to break stuff! The band released an oscar-worthy video for this song back in July…you can watch it below.

Closing out the EP is the remastered version of “Dear Life”, a song which has taken Chasing Cadence to UK arenas, as special guests for TNA Xplosion’s ‘Maximum Impact 8 tour’. Why? Because the track is the theme tune for their hit TV wrestling show! It’s the perfect fit for the show and for the final track – powerful, explosive and leaves you fired up.

Destroy Something Beautiful is a quality EP and a great example of what this band are capable of. I’m excited to see what the next year has in store for these guys.

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