Review: Brave Vultures – ‘I’m Not Coming Back If You’re Not Here’ (EP)


13631415_1768527293432337_2958153573139889453_nTomorrow, emo punk rock newcomers, Brave Vultures release their debut EP I’m Not Coming Back if You’re Not Here.

First up is ‘This Is Where I Wanna Be’ and it’s a good opener –  choppy guitar riffs, a sing-along chorus and bags of energy. Vocalist, Dom Littler has a proper punk rock voice – think of the rawness of Dexter Holland with a bit of Jesse Lacey emotion chucked in.

The next two tracks, ‘Safe Ground’ and ‘If You Run’ show the band are comfortable experimenting with different sounds and tempos to show off their versatility. This is the case throughout the EP in fact, and I feel like any more would’ve seemed like they had tried to cram too many styles and ideas in at once. The guitars have a real heartland rock sound which makes me think these guys wouldn’t be out of place playing alongside the likes of The Gaslight Anthem. Lyrically, the band write about anxiety, love, relationships and things which are relatable, which will appeal to lots of listeners.

‘With Me’ is the lead single from the EP, which was released a while back and is probably my favourite of the 5 tracks! You can watch the video below:

Rounding off the release is ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ – another upbeat, guitar driven number which feels like it goes down well live. After the first transition from verse > chorus I did wonder if I was still listening to the same song…they almost sound like they don’t belong together, but they made it work. It has a good instrumental middle section which builds into the final chorus for a final sing-along.

Overall, this is a good first release from the Essex quartet and I’ll be interested to see what the next year brings.


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