Review: HIGH TIDES / I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over


unspecifiedNottingham quintet, High Tides tell us they’ve been “putting emo into pop-punk since 2015”. Being a big fan of both genres, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give their upcoming mini-album a listen. I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over is 8 tracks of pure pop-punk pandemonium…and I dig it!

35 second opener, ‘Resolution’ sets the tone well, and immediately has me tapping my feet. Big guitar riffs, thundering drums and some gang vocals.

Next up is ’52’  which tells a story of a past relationship and certainly doesn’t hold back on the lyric front. The track strikes a good balance between it’s fast-paced verses and soaring choruses, and we’re treated to some impressive drumming throughout. ‘Yet To Be Told’ follows in the same vein, with bags of energy and some backing “woahs” which I can already hear becoming a perfect opportunity for a crowd singalong during the band’s live performance.

The fourth track is ‘Heart’ which for me, is a contender for favourite track. It’s super catchy, and has some really strong vocals and an upbeat feel to it which could lift you even after having the worst kind of day. ‘Realisation’ is about making mistakes in life and love, but realising it’s sometimes best to move on. What I love about this is the addition of a voicemail recording played over beautiful acoustic guitars and the slow shuffle of the drums.

‘Bridges’ continues the theme of it’s predecessor, with some added clout in the form of sick guitar riffs and piercing lyrics. The penultimate track is ‘Lucky For Some’, which instantly grabs your attention with a memorable guitar melody and some badass bass playing. The pre-chorus features some gritty, almost screaming vocals which I’m not usually the biggest fan of BUT it works this time. Last up is ‘Home’, which starts off with delicate lead vocals, sweet harmonies and a simple guitar accompaniment. Two thirds into the track, the full band burst in to round things off in true emo fashion.

With a release like this under their belts, I’m certain it will take High Tides on to big things, and I expect to be seeing and hearing much more about them this year.

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